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Cooling and soft comfortable gel bath pillow


Product Name: Cooling gel headrest spa bath pillow
Gel spa bath pillow Soft and comfortable bath pillow
Cooling Gel Ice Pillow waterproof STRAIGHT BACK TUBS Non-Slip Bath Pillow
soft pillow Food grade material non slip baby bath tub wholesale
Orange Bathtub Non-Slip Waterproof Gel Soft Massage Cooling Gel Bath Pillow
Cooling gel beads headrest spa bath pillow
Orange Bean Shape Neck Back Support Headrest Bathtub Tub Home Bath Spa Pillow Cushion

The Cooling Gel Bath Pillow is made of cooling gel and allows you to get that spa feeling from the comfort of your own bathtub.Features as following:
* Great for relaxing in bathtubs, hot tubs and whirlpools.
* Super comfortable.
* Non-Slip Bathtub Pillow features durable, soft material.
* This bath pillow provides you with a cooling place to rest your head.

What is GEL ?
Gel is solids in liquids, and their special tactility is unmatched by other materials Constant temperature and insect repellency, mites and high viscoelasticity and ventilation make it a rare substance. The substance. which has very similar properties to human skin, is known as “artificial skin”.
Size: 30X12X7 cm



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